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Waygate Technologies, a Baker Hughes business (formerly GE Inspection Technologies), is an industrial inspection solutions company and the world leader in non-destructive testing (NDT).

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Energy Robotics provides an end-to-end solution for autonomous inspections in capital-intensive industries such as oil & gas, chemical, power and utilities. Their hardware-independent software platform enables asset owners to easily manage a fleet of robots and drones for autonomous inspection. Energy Robotics’ mission is to relieve humans from repetitive, undesirable, and hazardous tasks through autonomous robotics, while helping industries accelerate their journey to Industry 4.0.


ExRobotics is the leading expert in rugged reliable robots for harsh environments with require IECEx Zone 1 certification. This IECEx Zone 1 certified robot is the new benchmark for inspecting and surveying potentially explosive facilities. It is equipped with a range of sensors and cameras that use a wireless network to communicate with a driver/ operator located in a safe control room.

Flyability pioneered confined space inspection drones, creating new technology that allows inspectors to collect data remotely inside dangerous confined spaces instead of in person. Since launching in 2014, Flyability has become a trusted provider of internal inspection solutions, enabling remote data collection with cutting edge hardware and software for inspection professionals to help them improve safety, reduce downtimes, and cut costs for their internal inspections. Today Flyability has offices in Switzerland, China, Singapore, and the U.S., with almost one thousand clients in over 60 countries. Flyability works in every industry that requires internal inspections, including Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Mining, Wastewater Infrastructure, Chemicals, Maritime, and Infrastructure & Utilities. More information on

Quasset provides state-of-the-art, information driven asset management solutions by combining in-depth domain knowledge, cutting edge technology and business intelligence tools.  Quasset gives insight at every level, providing knowledge, tools and solutions to improve asset management in the oil and gas, chemical, infrastructure, water and energy sectors. 

Since its inception in 2011, Quasset has set out to push the frontiers of Asset Management and Condition Assessment. With an in-house international multidisciplinary team of experts complemented by a large partner network of leading organisations, Quasset excels in bringing together expertise from different fields to provide innovative solutions. 

Quasset supports clients in optimising the balance between cost, performance and risks of capital-intensive infrastructure such as water distribution systems, roads, pipelines, and petrochemical plants, developing inventive products for asset management information and business intelligence on the basis of 3D, virtual, and augmented reality technologies.

As a pioneer in integrated robotics solutions towards autonomous operation, Yokogawa helps businesses maximise, navigate and harness the potential of robotic automation to address unique challenges in process industries, such as routine tasks that lead to resource drain, hazardous tasks in inaccessible areas, and inconsistent outcomes due to dependency on individual knowledge.


Our Integrated Robotic Solutions are designed to ensure plant and personnel safety when working in hazardous, inaccessible environments, improve data consistency, and enable remote operations and maintenance round the clock. Our system collects and analyses accurate data via the combination of robots and sensors to power your company’s decision-making process.


For over 100 years, Yokogawa has been providing systems and solutions that make plant operations safer and profitable. Through domain knowledge in process automation, we connect Robotic fleets and systems for an integrated, purpose-built application to suit your unique industrial automation needs. Our solutions are anchored on the 3Cs – Connect, Communicate, and Conclude.

Visit the Yokogawa booth, B11, to find out more about the 3Cs and how you can collaborate with Yokogawa in a Proof of Concept initiative.

Quasset provides state-of-the-art asset management solutions by combining in-depth domain knowledge, cutting edge technology and business intelligence tools.

Thread, the leader of enterprise-scale autonomous data collection for delivering precise inspection insights.

Yokogawa is a leading provider of Industrial Automation and Test and Measurement solutions.

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